The Service Process in 5 Steps

1. Submission

  • Include the design of the Data Center Infrastructure (DCI) based on documentation and plan

  • Inspections by qualified engineers of the data center

  • Transformation of the relevant infrastructure systems into the integral DCI scheme

2. Modeling

  • Illustration of the DCI scheme as a DCI model within the InfraOpt® CAE software

3. Data Preparation

Prepare and group the component data of the DCI model data mapping from the following statistically collected data:

  • Data from manufacturers or suppliers

  • Data from service agreements

  • Data of IEEE Std. 493-2007

4. Analysis

  • Numerical calculation of reliability, inherent and operational availability

  • Determination of fault tolerance by simulation of all possible 1-error points and 2-error combinations

  • Statistical assessments including reliability, availability and fault tolerance

  • Identification of critical paths, subsystems or components

5. Optimization

  • Simulation to improve reliability, availability or fault tolerance

  • Before / After comparison of designs

  • Comparison of redundancies xN + yM at the level of the components or subsystems

  • Validation of emergency and service quality

  • Forecasting reliability throughout the DCI lifecycle

Evaluation Results

Report and Certificate


The InfraOpt® service process is documented and evaluated graphically in a report. Analytically substantiated statements will justify recommendations made for future steps.


On the basis of the report, the certificate "Data Center Infrastructure evaluated by InfraOpt®" is issued.

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